A face shield, an item of PPE, protects the wearer's entire face and eyes from hazards such as chemical splashes or potentially infectious materials. A face shield that extends to below the chin is the most effective. They are easily reusable simply requiring cleaning with soap and water or common disinfectants. Shields are more comfortable to wear than masks, and they form a barrier that keeps people from easily touching their faces. The use of a face shield is also a reminder to maintain social distancing but allows visibility of facial expressions and lip movements for speech perception. Face shields appear to significantly reduce the amount of inhalation exposure to the influenza virus, another droplet-spread respiratory virus. Currently, face shields are worn by medical personnel and frontline workers, however, face shields can prove useful for common people when the lockdown starts to ease.


For use by: Medical personnel, frontline workers, delivery services, food drives, hotels, hospitals, essential stores, security guards, vendors


Features :

  • Wide range of dimensions

  • Secure fit

  • Adjustable headband

  • Scratch resistant visor

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Face Sheild

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