CoronaOven is a device that can completely disinfect any item, including masks, hospital PPE, tools, and groceries. It ensures quick and easy sterilization of all products including household as well as medical supplies. The product uses UV-C light (based upon the scientific principle of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) of 254-nanometre wavelength to kill coronaviruses and other pathogens within 10 minutes after an object is placed inside the box for disinfection. The battery-operated and plug-in device makes masks, PPE kits reusable instead of throwing them away after use. CoronaOven is a lightweight, portable disinfection chamber which is 20 liters in size - the same as a Microwave oven. There are two models – one that runs on electric power, and another that runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which is portable. It can prove effective in many e-commerce businesses as well as in hospitals, restaurants, etc.


For use in : Restaurants, hotels, fitness facilities, hospitals, e-commerce, pharmacies, grocery stores, departmental stores, malls, movie theaters



Features :

  • Disinfect food items, PPE, masks & more

  • Quick, easy and effective

  • 20-litre chamber

  • Reuse limited medical supplies by ensuring complete sanitisation

  • 360-degree illumination design

  • Lightweight & portable 

  • Compatible with solid surfaces of plastic, metal, leather and fabric. 

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Corona Oven

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