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Work from Home Ideas: Earn Money from the Comfort of your Home

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Starting your own business takes a lot of effort and dedication. Along with it, it also takes a lot of investments, expenses, etc. If you plan on starting a new business you will have to take into consideration your business space, furniture, basic staff, daily/monthly expenses and much more.

However, with the constant advancements in technology, a lot of people have taken to remote ways of business. Several new businesses from home have emerged in the past few years. It is a great way to begin your new business journey from the comfort of your own home.

Starting your business from home is a great option in this technologically advanced world where we are connected to all parts of the world. It also helps you in saving some initial investments like office space, office electricity charges, furniture and other things. Let's take a look at some home businesses you can start to earn a little more from the comfort of your home.


This is one of the most popular businesses in current times. With the world emerging from a pandemic and trying to go back to the new normal, people will have to take necessary precautions. A face mask will become one of the most essential items of our new future.


You can offer to teach kids via online classes. You can start on a small scale with some kids from your locality and gradually increase your base as you continue. Not just academics, you can take classes for several other things like drawing, sewing, embroidery, etc. You can target different demographics as well. And you can take more than one classes in a day.


A great business idea would be to sell home-crafted items. These could be decorative items like pillow covers, wall hangings or useful items like tabletop coasters, scented candles etc. These are easy to make at home with just a few supplies and look extremely pretty. There are a variety of things you can make.


If you are an avid baker and have sufficient knowledge about baking, you can start a bakery from your home. There are several occasions people celebrate like birthdays, anniversaries, parties, etc. You can start small by providing cakes to nearby events. You can also keep other baked goods like cookies, pastries etc for other customers.


This is one of the businesses that require the least amount of initial investment. To start freelance writing you only need a laptop. With the recent and continuous advancements in technology, your smartphone should suffice as well. You could write in your journals or the notes app in your phone or laptop. With experience in freelance writing, you can even start your own blogs as well.


If you want to do something fun and a little adventurous, you can go for party planning. It does not take a lot to start planning small parties or events for your friends or neighbours. You will need good communication skills and numerous contacts so that you can organise everything within your client's budget and also offer them choices.


Just like a home bakery, you can also start a small catering business from your home. You can specialise in one cuisine or offer your customers different varieties to choose from. You can also provide variety in terms of snacks or meals. You can start at a smaller level with birthday parties for kids then slowly expand your business with bigger parties and events.


If you have extra space in your house and have prior experience in woodworking, you can opt for making wood articles. You can make customised articles for your customers ranging from stools, ottomans to bigger articles like shelved racks, coffee tables, etc. To start a woodworking business you will need to have a small workshop in your house and the essential tools required for woodworking.

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