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What you need to know about the Covid-19 PPE Kit


The year 2020 has witnessed one of the biggest pandemics of all time. COVID-19, an air-borne viral disease without a known vaccine, has killed over 490k people across the world. To ensure your safety and well being you must maintain a social distance of 6 ft from people in public places and self-quarantine if you feel any symptoms developing. You must take necessary precautions if going out in public. These items mentioned below are essential in keeping your well being and must be worn whenever going out. 


According to researchers, CoronaVirus spreads through the respiratory tract. Hence, you must follow the below steps to keep yourself safe.

  • Stop touching your face.

  • Do not touch any stranger in public and then, accidentally touch your mouth or face.

  • Cover your face while coughing.

  • Cover your face around someone who coughs or sneezes when out in public.

Face Masks protect your body against CoronaVirus and also reminds you not to touch your face constantly. Doctors say that the virus mostly enters the body via the respiratory tract i.e. nose and mouth. Hence, covering your mouth can help bring the no. of cases down and flatten the curve. You should always wear a mask when leaving the house. It is also recommended that you replace the mask every 3-4 hours and dispose of the former mask carefully.


Sanitisers have been one of the most essential items during this pandemic. Alcohol-based sanitisers are effective in removing germs, bacterias, and viruses from hands. Even if a person has come in contact with an ill person via touching, the alcohol in the sanitiser will kill the germs that could have possibly further spread the infection.


Infrared Thermometers are devices that use laser light directed at a person to detect their temperature. It works over a distance and hence is ideal for a pandemic that spreads through touch. It helps in finding whether a person is at risk by detecting body temperatures. It has also proven highly effective at international airports for checking the temperatures of the travellers.


Biomedomics Inc. has introduced a COVID-19 Rapid test kit that examines the patient and, finds out if they are suffering from CoronaVirus, in less than 24 hours. Before this kit, finding the status of Corona in any individual was a lengthy process that risked the increase of contamination of other individuals.


These PPE items are recommended for use by the healthcare workers only who are at a much higher risk of contamination. These items help in treating the patients while saving themselves from the virus. Disposable face masks prevent the virus from entering through the mouth. Disposable gowns and head covers are ideal for doctors or visitors.

Majority of these items are disposable and non-woven, thus decreasing the risk of contacting CoronaVirus around a patient. It is recommended to dispose of one-time use products after 3-4 hours and use a fresh one. To buy a PPE kit to protect yourself from this disease, visit us at click

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