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What will the Future of e-Commerce be post COVID-19?

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

The biggest talk of 2020 is the outbreak of coronavirus. The outbreak of this novel disease has changed our world in a matter of a few months. The streets are empty, the movie theatres are vacant, the malls and restaurants are deserted. As everyone stays home and does their part to flatten the curve, businesses are facing the worst of it.

While brick and mortar businesses are facing consequences of this pandemic, e-commerce businesses are blossoming during these challenging times. E-commerce has come forth as one of the best methods of shopping in times when we've been forced to keep inside our houses. However, the future of this sector can only be predicted once the world opens up and people start to go back to normal or the new normal world outside. Here are some factors that might affect e-Commerce businesses in the post coronavirus world.

Increase in Coronavirus related e-Commerce Store

As people started taking to their homes to avoid the risk of this deadly disease, they have started to turn to e-commerce for their essentials. As the demand for covid-19 essentials increases in the e-commerce sector, there has been a rise of businesses selling these essentials online. There has also been a rise in regular e-commerce sites adding these essential items to their product lists.

Digital Transformation of Local Kirana Shops

Small kirana shops have always played an important role in Indian society. They're one of the most frequented shops in a locality. With people not going out of their homes anymore, these shops are facing a serious money crunch. A lot of them have started digitizing and selling their products online. Even though they are confined to a certain radius, they are offering thoroughly sanitised products, contactless deliveries.

Increase in Online Shopping

Sales in the e-commerce sector have gone up with the closure of regular stores. People have started buying the majority of their products online to reduce the risk of contamination. Certain e-commerce sectors have seen an increase in orders like grocery stores, essential sites, etc. Several sites also offer same day deliveries, sanitised products, contactless deliveries. You can also find some useful discount, coupons for online shopping.

Given the advantages of online shopping, the e-commerce sector is only gonna grow in the coming years. Along with being convenient, it is also going to be a much safer alternative to regular shopping in the coming years. However, only the future will tell what e-commerce has in store for us post the coronavirus.

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