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What questions come to your mind while buying a microwave oven ?

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Microwave ovens have become a necessity today. At just the touch of a button, this electric appliance can warm food, defrost frozen foods or even cook food for you in just a matter of a few seconds and the popularity of this appliance has been steadily growing. Last week I tried to make some potato chips without one when my tried and true microwave went on the fritz after years of loyal service, and of Course I was having a mandoline slicer with me but still I found reheating everything on the stove to be kind of stressful for me .

Now let us discuss some of the questions that come to your mind while buying a microwave oven …

What size of microwave oven do you want ?

You will have to decide the size you want. A microwave oven comes in three size variants . Small size microwave ovens have the capacity of 18-20 litres, Mid size microwave ovens have the capacity of 20-23 litres and microwaves having more than 23 litres of capacity comes under the large size microwave oven category.

What is your brand preference ?

Your brand preference plays an important role in your buying decision. Popular brands like Samsung, LG, Toshiba and IFB are some leading microwave oven manufacturers in India. The only difference arises is the difference in the brand warranty which ranges between 1-3 years and the after sale services . Hence you should take your decision accordingly.

Do you want a microwave with an automatic sensor ?

Automatic sensor is a sensor that shuts down your microwave oven automatically when the sensor feels that the food is perfectly cooked. The main objective of this sensor is to prevent overheating of food. Hence you should choose this sensor as per according to needs and requirements.

What should be the power rating of your microwave ?

You should have to select the power rating of your microwave.There is an inverse relation between the power rating and cooking time. The higher the power rating, lesser will be the cooking time and lower the power rating , higher will be the cooking time. The smaller sized ones usually consume less power (800-1000 watt) than the larger one’s (1000-1600 watts).

What type of control panel do you want in your microwave ?

You have to make a decision of what type of control panel you want. They are of three types - touch control, mechanical or a combination of both. On one side touch controls are the fastest one and mechanical controls are the most accurate one . Hence you should have to decide accordingly.

Do you want a child safety lock feature in your oven ?

The Child lock safety system enables the control panel of the oven to be locked so that children cannot operate it. The main reason behind this id child lock system prevents the happening of any misuse of the oven, thus avoiding accidents to a large extent.

Do you want a multi function microwave ?

If you want some multi functions like convection, grill, rotisserie and many more. Then you can choose them according to needs and requirements. In addition to this , you can use these functions simultaneously.

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