• Divya Dhomne

What is Green Consumerism?

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Green consumerism is the next big trend in the consumer sector. The growing concern of global warming and the impending doom of climate change has altered the consumer buying pattern. An increasing number of people are shifting towards a greener and sustainable products and trying to do their bit for the environment. Green consumerism involves the production, promotion, and advancement of the use of goods and services based on their pro-environment benefits.

The green consumerism shift is aimed at encouraging people to be more aware of the production processes that their products go through and only to buy or use products and services that do not harm the environment. As consumers have started shifting to greener products, it has also impacted the production processes of certain organisations. These big corporations are starting to enhance their processes to keep their loyal consumers from leaving.


Reduced Packaging Waste

Green consumerism has also caused a shift in the production processes of organisations. The organisations have started to adopt sustainable packaging which has lead to a significant reduction in the amount of water being used.

Reduction in Emissions

Due to the enhancements in the production line, the pollutants being released into the environment have also been reduced. Organisations have started sustainable productions, some even have started recycling or reusing waste materials which has eliminated the release of contaminants that would have otherwise been released in the environment.

Energy Saving

Green consumerism demands a change in the production processes of organisations, which also encourages recycling and reuse. This has lead to reduced usage of energy. With reduced usage of energy, more energy sources are being conserved for future usage, which is impacting the planet.

Healthier Food Intake

As we start incorporating sustainably packaged and produced items in our lifestyle, we start looking at organically produced food as well. These foods are grown/produced with minimal to no harmful chemicals which leads to a healthier body.

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