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Protective Clothing for Firefighting

Earlier workplace accidents were common. Still, nobody was doing anything even after having instructions and measures for safety and security of their employees. But, with time and strict policies and guidelines by government, it's really very important to take care of people working for any Industry or company. Now, many companies before even offering jobs make sure to have life insurances of their employees under their company policies. Even after many trainings and instructions, mishaps, accidents take place. Sometimes, employees themselves take it easy for doing work without any guidelines which is very risky and dangerous.

Companies or industries should have proper safety measures and instructions and make it mandatory for everyone to follow it. There are many accidents which take place in industries due to fire. Internal or external, small or big damage to any electrical appliances or machines can put anybody's life in danger.

So, there are proper uniforms or clothing for employees to wear which will protect them from catching the fire.

The role of firefighters is very extensive in our society. Firefighters not only play a pivotal role to rescue human lives during fire accident but also save properties for extensive damage by extinguishing hazardous fires. It is one of the most life threatening occupations that require intensive physical work in hazardous environment.

  • Generally, firefighters have the helmet, Nomex shirt, Nomex pants, High Laced Boots with a flap over the laces, Leather Gloves, and our only Approved PPE. One thing that’s needed for firefighting includes Emergency Escape breathing Device (EEBD) which can help you in escaping an area with unsafe conditions such as fire, toxic gases etc.

  • The EEBD equips an easy to hear alarm system that specifies the reduction of accessible air at around 10 minutes of usage time, more time to the wearer to evacuate harmful surroundings.

  • A good fire fighter suits must protect the firefighter from the following:

  1. Flash fire

  2. Conductive heat

  3. Radiant heat

  4. Absorbed heat

  5. Moisture Vapours

  • Beside above it should have following additional characteristics

  1. Thermal insulation

  2. Water repellency

  3. Breathable

  4. Flexible

  5. Light weight

  6. Durability to several washes

  7. High impact, puncture and tear resistance

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