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Uses of Spy Cameras

Spy Cameras! this word sometimes just gives chills, isn't? The name itself gives the meaning. It's basically a hidden camera used to have a watch or virtual eye on an individual or normally on people without their consent and knowledge of it. They can be hidden in any device or thing, in which one has no idea of it. It can be used in number of situations. The use of hidden cameras raises personal privacy issues and there may be legal aspects to consider, depending on the jurisdiction in which use takes place. The use of it is to basically monitor the behavior, activities or other stuff's by the people. There are both merits and demerits of using it. Some people use it with proper legal agreements depending upon the need and use of it and some do it for entertainment and fun which has its own repercussions.

There are many uses of Spy Camera. Below are the universal uses of "Hidden Camera" by some organization or normal people and how and why they are using it.

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For Secret Information: The best use of spy cameras are by our security forces i,e. police officers, armed forces etc. Cameras are used in this field for security and surveillance purposes. It helps them to get the important information so that they can be prepared for any disturbance or attacks in advance and for safety. It can also be used for recording of statements by criminals.

Surveillance and Recording: Our industries also take the full advantage of this technology. They set-up the cameras in a way for surveillance of their employees. They use it to check whether their employees are properly working or doing some other stuff. It can be also used for recordings of people there.

Fun and Entertainment: They are used for secret images or videos for enjoyment. It's normally used for personal activities like pranks.

Security and Safety: It's used in houses, shops etc for safety of people around. Parents sometimes use this for keeping watch on their children.

Training tool: It can also be used as a training or helping tool for somebody. After recording them without there consent, one can show them to train them or make them understand about their doings. So, that they try to bring a sort of change in them or improve themselves for betterment.

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