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Consider these factors before selecting Air Cooler

"Coolness becomes the new hotness in summers" i,e. hotness we get in winters. Summer is not a good season to enjoy outside and get or do fun and entertainment. We all prefer to stay inside and away from heat. We always keep drinking lot of liquid which keeps us hydrated all the time. Lot of work remains pending because of too much heat and humidity, it becomes difficult and irritating to keep working for hours continuously.

People working in offices still get the facility of Air Conditioners. But there are people both outside and inside of houses working regardless of any cooling facility. Some don't even have fans.

Usage of Air Conditioners, Air Coolers, Ceiling fans or Wall fans makes it little easy to survive. But, Air Conditioners are not affordable for everyone. Some want to save electricity and don't want to spend more, so they buy Air Coolers. The need of the hour is an AC, but if that’s something that doesn’t fit in your budget, don’t sweat it out (literally). Go for the next best thing – an air cooler. They might not give you a wintertime chill like an air conditioner but they’re one-fourth the price of ACs.

There are many types of coolers and different materials are used in them. Earlier, metal material was used to make coolers, it kept the water cold. Now, there are plenty of options for buyers. A source of fresh air(a window, a door, a ventilator) and an exit for the humid air should be present in the room to get it chilled. Absence of any one can create opposite effect. Rather than cooling it will create humidity.

Here, are some points to consider before purchasing the Air Coolers:

  • Size of the Cooler:According to your room and interior, size of the cooler matters. According to the room, one can purchase coolers which helps in better ventilation and air. It should be light in weight so that it can be moved from one room to another.

  • Quality and Durability: We people never compromise or ignore the quality part of any product. Because the most important aspect of any product. Check the quality and material used in it. Coolers once purchased, are expected to be long lasting. But this durability feature also comes with quality and use of it.

  • Company brand and it's services: There are many companies providing air coolers like, symphony, Voltas, Bajaj etc. You should first check the review of the product. It gives the idea of your product. After buying it some companies don't provide better services to their customers. So, don't create chances of this situation for yourself.

  • Budget: This is very important, because atlast you will be the one spending on the product. If your amount of spending money is fixed for the product, this factor helps you so surf more and get the best one . So, keep this in mind because spending the amount the money should be worth the product.The cooler you want should come in your budget.

  • Types of Air Coolers: There are different types of air coolers available in markets nowadays. They vary in size, capacity, feature, weight etc. So, here according to your choice decide what type of cooler you want. Portable Evaporative Air Coolers are common in use. They have their advantages.

  • Weather and Environment:Check your location’s summertime temperatures as well as relative humidity to determine whether the cooling system will work for you.However, in instances of high humidity, the cooler cannot cool you down effectively. Since the system leaves a low level of carbon footprint, it produces no emissions. Unlike other traditional cooling systems, the evaporative cooler has no refrigerant gas or compressor. Furthermore, it releases no toxic chemicals in the air.

  • Speed of the fan in Coolers: The floor or air is most important after spending and browsing for Air Coolers. So, don't go for a very high speed fan in an air cooler. Reason being there is a simple phenomenon of air cooler that is the more time air stays inside the cooler(air is surrounded by the cooling pads therefore if the fan is slow it will stay for a longer duration inside the cooler body hence it will get cooler) better will be the cooling effect.

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