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Things to consider Before buying your Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter is also known as DMM. It is an instrument or equipment used to measure the voltage, frequency and any other electrical value. These instruments are used in all factories and industries to check the values of the electrical devices. The analogue multimeters were able to measure only amps, volts and ohms. However the introduction of integrated circuit technology and other technologies enabled analogue to digital converters to be made along with deploys like liquid crystal displays. This enabled test instruments to be made that could measure the basic measurements of amps volts and ohms to be made digitally. It should be of high quality and accuracy.

Now, to check the accurate temperature, frequency etc, one should use best Digital Multimeter. Keep these points in mind while buying a Multimeter.

  • There are many types of Digital Multimeter:

Clamp Digital Multimeter : It measures the flow of electricity. The power consumption or watts can be calibrated by multiplying the voltage readings by the amps. Another feature of the clamp multimeter is its different types of settings. When using it, you have to pick the setting that is appropriate for what you are measuring. Clamp meters allow electricians to bypass the old-school method of cutting into a wire and inserting a meter’s test leads into the circuit to take an in-line current measurement. The jaws of a clamp meter do not need to touch a conductor during a measurement.

Analog Multimeter: An analog multimeter is a PMMC meter. It works based on the d’Arsonval galvanometer principle. It consists a needle to indicate the measured value on the scale. A coil moves in a magnetic field when current passes through it.

  • Auto-Ranging Facility: This facility is very useful to check in Digital Multimeter. This capability enables the DMM to select the right range. You only need to select DC / AC and Amps / Voltes / Ohms, etc and the meter will do the rest. This can be a very useful capability when undertaking a lot of measurements.

  • Safety Ratings: It is necessary to ensure that any meter being used for these applications is suitably rated. This may result in needing to buy a more expensive meter.When measuring voltages, particularly on electrical installations it is necessary to ensure that the digital multimeter has an adequate safety rating.

  • Ranges: Ranges may include a buzzer for continuity, ranges for temperature, capacitance, diode and transistor measurements, as well as frequency and several other measurements. As different DMMs will offer different capabilities, it is necessary to consider what might be needed when buying a digital multimeter.

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