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The Best Power Bank for your Needs

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

As we keep moving forward in all prospects of our life, we start incorporating more and more technology into it. Today technology is involved in every part of our daily lives. Smartphones have gone from being a luxury to becoming a necessity. However, the battery of a smartphone is bound to die when you use it constantly throughout the day. Even if you only use your phone a certain amount of time, the background apps keep using the battery causing it to die out.

You can carry your charger with you however, you won't always have to access to a plug point to charge your phone. Power banks are a perfect solution to this modern-day battery crisis. They are easy to use, lightweight, portable and handy. You can find numerous power banks in the market of different sizes, shapes, capacities, brand, etc. But here's what you should consider before buying your power bank.


Whenever buying a power bank, the first thing you should check is if it's compatible with your smartphone. Since different smartphones have different charging ports, make sure the power bank you purchase supports the USB cable that is required to charge your phone and is providing sufficient power to your phone.


Capacity is one of the most important features of a power bank. The capacity of a power bank determines how many devices can it charge in one go or how many times it can charge a single device. A power bank's capacity is measure in mAh. The more the mAh the more charges you get out of a power bank.


While buying your power bank, you must ensure that it is of the optimal quality. Look online for reviews or customer feedback of the product to know how the product performs. Most times buying a cheaper alternative may result in overloading of your device leading to damage. Ensure whatever power bank you're buying is of good quality.


Look for the number of ports in a power bank when purchasing. The more the number of ports in a power bank the more you can devices plug in at a time for charging. Multiple ports allow you to charge multiple devices at a time instead of shuffling between devices.


The size of the power bank would depend on your needs or your travel patterns. If you are not on the move constantly throughout the day, you can go for a slightly bigger sized power bank as you wouldn't have to carry it to a lot of places with you. However, if you are always on the go you can opt for a smaller, compact power bank so that it doesn't add extra weight to your baggage.


The main function of a power bank is to be portable. To do so it has to be lightweight, compact and easy to carry. You can look for handy, compact power banks that can fit in your pocket if you're constantly commuting.

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