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Security tips to protect your Server from Hackers

Protection term is always not associated with human beings. It can be used for our devices, in which we store our lot of data. The data stored in any device is very important. Protection in any sense for everyone and everything is important. Technology and innovation nowadays is really creating many methods to get rid of some issues that hampers use of it.

So, here we will talk about some ways of how to protect your server from getting hacked.

Hackers are unsavory folks that sit at their computer and think of ways to get your personal information. These hackers range from vandals who deface websites and delete data, to identity thieves and stalkers- organized groups can use hijacked computers to store illegal files or use the combined computing power to launch attacks on other machines, companies, or individuals.

Keep your Computer up to date : Even if you have softwares which helps in daily status update of your work. You also need to personally check and update the status. They also repair security and hacking vulnerabilities that a hacker could use to get into your system and cause havoc.

Protect your Internal mails and browsing: These are the most important part of any data. One the hacker cracked the password, all the data will be gone. So, this needs to be protected. Monitor your internet browsing. Look at internet history, and try to avoid websites with questionable content or a lot of popups. That includes any websites about hacking, piracy, and other sites that shan’t be named.

Only open emails that come from people you know or companies your have allowed. Use your email system’s spam protection and make sure to clean out your inbox regularly.

Use strong Password: Using strong password can lead to protection of your data. So, the password should be unique, so that nobody can get it. Include special characters (@,$,&), numbers and upper and lower case letters. Preferably not your address. Or your birthday or your name. Or 123456. Or any of these most commonly used passwords.

Validation: Validation is always best when done both on the server side as well as the browser side.The browser is able to catch simple failures such as empty mandatory fields, however these can be bypassed and it should be ensured that these validations are checked, as well as the deeper server side validations.

SSL: It is recommended to use a security certificate whenever passing personal information between the website and web server or database. SSL is a commonly used security protocol used over the internet.

Don't disclose your Digital Information: It should be kept secret between the people who are trustworthy and who know about the things. This information should not be shared with everyone. Hackers just need small information to get your data.

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