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Safety Tips for Workers at workplace !

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Workplace is a place where, group or lot of people according to work and duties, perform activities and do their jobs assigned to them. Person tries to do everything for his/her job perfectly without any issues or problems. So, that they get their earn and live peacefully.

But is it always money expectations that employees have from any organization?

No! Each and every person working under any company wants relaxation, flexible time hours, sometimes motivation maybe, safety and security etc.

We have always talked, read and listened about security and safety measures. It's always some discussion on some equipments or instructions or training of workers.

It is one of the most important aspect of safety of employees but another safety which company should take care of is mental health and safety.

Workplace safety can be ensure by the employers by following health and safety guidelines and ask all employees to come with right safety garments at workplace. This will ensure a safe and healthy workplace environment and protect workers from dangerous injuries, and other accidents that may happen by not wearing safety garments.

What all a company should do to keep your workers safe ?

Buy Safety Clothing for your employees: First thing you have to do is to buy safety clothing for your employees especially when you are associated with industrial plants, mills, dealing in chemicals or fire related products or even working on highways and mines. All ensure a safe workplace environment by providing quality safety garments to all your employees.

Training: Employers can ensure their workers stay safe by providing adequate training, ensuring all chemicals are properly labelled and stored, ensure workers are trained on WHMIS , and educate employees about any ergonomic risks.

Health and Safety Programs : Health and safety programs are an important part of preventing injury and illness in the workplace. Health programs help employers and employees understand the potential hazards they are exposed to on a daily basis. For example, the “Safety Pays” program helps employers determine the cost workplace injuries and illness have on a company’s profit margin. When companies understand the impact injuries have on their bottom line, they are more inclined to implement programs to keep their workers healthy and safe.

  • Employee Awareness: For emotional safety, some practices for workplace safety include:

  • Open communication - speaking with individual employees regularly to check-in.

  • Meetings on a consistent basis to regroup and encourage questions or comments.

  • Listening to employees and try to resolve any conflict.

  • No yelling, or putting down employee or colleague.Workplace health and safety practices are important because they help prevent inter-office violence and raise employee awareness of the potential dangers they face. Violent acts and behaviours of employees and other individuals within the workplace are cause for concern because they threaten a company’s overall well-being.

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