• Garima Sharma

Role Of Supplier Management In Business Profitability

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

How Business Enterprise is interrelated to supply chain?

Supply chain includes collection of materials, manufacture of products, and delivery to the customer. They coordinate with the key players in the supply chain as with suppliers, logistic terms and customers. Works globally and overseeing the suppliers, purchase orders and forecasting. The procurement and delivery of goods is what makes highly well performing enterprise to a struggling one. So it is very important for an enterprise to have supplier relationship management so that they can rescue the supplier risk.

What exactly supply Relationship Management is?

Supply Relationship Management SRM is a process of panning and managing the interactions with the third party, suppliers so the value of interactions with the suppliers maximizes. In general it creates a closer relationship with the suppliers to reduce the risk.

If we talk about a highly well performing enterprise they follow a supply relation management program and are getting the fruitful results from it. so for any enterprise to perform high and with effectiveness it is important to follow SRM in their enterprise.

How does supplier relationship management help in achieving business profitability?

  1. Seamless procurement of reliable materials

In the absence of supplier relationship management it becomes difficult for an enterprise

to arrange the goods and provide it to the customer on time. so for an enterprise to perform well it is important to follow supplier relationship management.

If there is good supplier relationship management than an enterprise will surely be able to achieve the profitability.

2. Uninterrupted production

If there is an uninterrupted production in a enterprise which means they will be able to deliver goods to customers on time which gives satisfaction to the customers. So when the customers are satisfied the profitability will automatically increase.

3. Customer satisfaction is equal to customer happiness

When the customers are satisfied they become happy. Happy customers provide more business to the organization as they will happily want to buy again and again. whereas more business implies more profitability.


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