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Reasons to wear Earmuffs for Hearing Protection

"No need to fear, if you protect your Ear"

Protection for each and every part of our body is important. Without hearing anything it's difficult to work. Earmuffs are pair of round coverings, connected with band. It protects us from cold or noise. Protecting your hearing is not only important, it’s essential because once damaged, your hearing can’t be fixed, and tinnitus from exposure to loud sounds can be prevented.

Hearing loss can occur when exposed to 85 decibels of noise averaged over 8 hours. Noise levels at workplace, also is really harmful. Machines makes noise. Companies can use machines which make less noise or should come with hearing protection measures or equipments for employees. Many of us, ear protection is seen as an optional extra rather than a vital way of maintaining the health of our ears.

Reasons for using Earmuffs:

  • A sudden and unexpected loud noise can cause serious trauma to your ear in the form of a permanent eardrum. This can result in permanent hearing loss and make your ears extremely vulnerable to a range of infections. Fortunately, wearing the right ear protection at all times greatly reduces this risk.

  • Many users can wear hearing aids under earmuffs to help facilitate communication.

  • Earmuffs can be used in the workplace or recreationally for loud activities, e.g., concerts, shooting firearms, heavy machinery, mowing, etc.

  • Exposure to loud noises damages the hair cells in the inner ear that are essential for sending neural impulses to the brain in order to perceive sounds. Loss of these hair cells leads to hearing loss that may cause speech and sounds to be muffled or distorted.

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