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Use of PPE for Complete Safety

"Safety is gainful, Accident is painful"

Be it home, workplace or any other place, safety is priority to everybody. Safety at any place gives us mental and physical support for doing anything. It provides every human being a sense of relief that anything we do, is not hazardous or harmful to us with it(safety). It also helps us to focus on our work rather than on safety, if provided. Focus on anything, improvised our work and us. Discussions of safety often include mention of related terms. Security is such a term. With time the definitions between these two have often become interchanged, equated, and frequently appear juxtaposed in the same sentence. In the world of everyday affairs, not all goes as planned. Some entity’s steady state is challenged. This is where security science, which is of more recent date, enters. Drawing from the definition of safety, then:

Security is the process or means, physical or human, of delaying, preventing, and otherwise protecting against external or internal, defects, dangers, loss, criminals, and other individuals or actions that threaten, hinder or destroy an organization’s “steady state,” and deprive it of its intended purpose for being.

Small or big, accidents, freaks, mishaps can take place anytime and anywhere. We don't know how and when it will harm us but we can always be ready with our mental ability or instruments to deal with it. With some equipment, measures, instructions, guidelines, we can do any work in a better and proper way. This will lead to less or no injuries and harm to people or things.

Now, here we will talk about the first priority of safety at any workplace i,e. Clothing or uniforms. Uniforms are not just for school going kids. It should be also mandatory for people who are working with the instruments, appliances or anything that can harm them. The sort of material will protect from different injuries. One of the equipment or Clothing which keeps us safe and secure from harmful hazards is PPE KIT.

PPE is Personal Protective Equipment.

  • This is being and should be used at each and every workplace. Personal protective clothing is required where employees may be exposed to such hazards as toxic or corrosive chemicals, biological pathogens, molten metal splashes, thermal extremes, etc. The protective clothing may take the form of aprons, coveralls, coats, pants, hats, hoods, sleeves, gloves, and totally encapsulating chemical protective suits.This equipment is the barrier between the body and accident.

  • Earlier, many organizations didn't made it mandatory, but after the accidents increased now it's everywhere important to work with this kit.

  • The use of PPE is now globally mandatory because of COVID-19. The material used in this kit keeps the virus away from skin. When used properly and with other infection control practices such as hand-washing, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and covering coughs and sneezes, it minimizes the spread of infection from one person to another. Effective use of PPE includes properly removing and disposing of contaminated PPE to prevent exposing both the wearer and other people to infection.

  • The material is used according to the work,workplace, users needs, global systems, and environmental conditions

  • Wool and specially treated cotton clothing are fire-resistant and comfortable.

  • Heavy fabrics protect against cuts and bruises from heavy, sharp or rough materials.

  • Leather guards against dry heat and flame.

  • Rubber protects against acids and chemicals.

  • Disposable suits of paper like material protect against dusty materials.

  • Disposable or reusable suits for liquid or vapor protection should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

  • Effective use of PPE includes properly removing and disposing of contaminated PPE to prevent exposing both the wearer and other people to infection.

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