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Power Banks : The Best Charging Solution

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

How many of you still remember the old Nokia phones ? I still remember them since Nokia 7210 was my first mobile phone. Nokia phones were known for their tough quality , Low price and crazy battery life. But we are living in the era of smartphones , Smartphones are known for their smart features and fast browsing . But they are power hungry as well .Every smartphone owner has a feeling about getting a power bank. Because there is a lot of thoughts when it comes to smartphone battery life. A large screen, powerful processor and lots of RAM. Being able to charge your smartphone on the go is a huge benefit. They extend the battery life of your smartphone and you can use your phone in your way without having any fear of high battery consumption.In addition to this power bank can provide you a range of benefits some of which are as follows


Power Banks are very easy to handle . They are neither very heavy nor very big in size. You just have to carry a wire along with it to charge your device. But on the other hand if your device supports wireless charging , then you can purchase a power bank which supports wireless charging. Hence it is very convenient.

Attractive appearance

Today’s power banks come with a very attractive design. The sleek and modern design of power banks makes them more alluring and charming. Aside from the portable charger’s attractive appearance, it also has an anti-scratch surface, making it more handy and durable.

Higher charging capacity

On an average , a power bank has a power capacity of 10000 mah -20000 mah and the power hungry smartphones are running on a battery of ranging between 3000 mah to 5000 mah , which means that you can charge your smartphone 3-4 times with the help of a power bank.

Low cost

It is a myth among the people that the cost of a power is very high but it is not a truth because they are ignorant of the fact that the cost of a smartphone is many times higher than the cost of a power bank. Despite the stylish appearance of power banks and their beneficial features, these power sources are very affordable.

Multiple sockets

Power Banks come with the multiple sockets featuring you to charge your multiple devices simultaneously. On an average, a simple power bank having the capacity of 5000 mah - 10000 mah have at least 2-3 charging sockets . Hence it is very beneficial for a person who often carries around multiple gadgets.

Beneficial in power interruption

One significant benefit of the power bank is it can be useful when your employees run out of battery during a power outage. They will not have to wait for the power to come back to charge their gadgets and now they can attend to their important without any hindrances.

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