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Parking Software : Let's solve the parking problem in a smart way

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Car parking is a major problem in today's world. Because of the rapid increase of vehicle ownership (majorly cars), many cities are suffering from lack of car parking areas. The reason behind that is that parking demand is many times greater than the parking supply. Lack of balance between parking supply and demand is considered as the one of the initial reasons for parking problems. This imbalance is partially due to ineffective use of parking lands and miscalculations of space requirements while parking the cars.. Shortage of parking space, high parking tariffs, and traffic congestion due to visitors in search of a parking place for their cars are some of the parking problems we are facing today.

Do you want to solve your parking problem ?

If your answer is YES .. then we at the Supplystreet are providing you the solution in the form of a Smart Parking Software. The key benefits of the parking software are as follows

01- Tracking Facility -

One of the major facilities of having the parking software is the tracking facility. Now you can track the vehicle from the whole parking area in just one click of the computer. These softwares are linked with the cameras and now you are not required to move in the parking area to track your vehicles.

02- Space Management

One of the main reasons for the parking problem is the lack of supply of parking areas. If you can manage your parking space in an efficient way , then the parking problem can be reduced to the minimum level and these parking softwares can perform this for you.

03-Payment system

Parking softwares automatically generates the payments receipts and coupons . You just have to fill the details of the vehicle like vehicle type, entry time , exit time etc. In addition to this you can also add your own parking rates and if your parking rates are progressive in nature with the time , then it can record accordingly.

04- Deep analytics

These parking softwares also maintain the complete database of the visitors. From this you can track the vehicle records . Moreover if you want to contact your regular visitors , then you can easily contact them with the help of these data and information.

05- Security Alerts

If a car is parked for a long period of time then this software can provide you a security alert with the brief history of the vehicle and owner as well. In addition to this , you can also link this software with other systems like gate entry systems, cctv cameras etc .

06- Custom Rules

Sometimes there is a possibility that your business is having some unique and different parking rules of your own . You can also add your own rules to this parking software . Moreover you can also create a blacklist of the offenders and many more.

Hence it is a complete package in one software to manage all your parking problems. You just have to log in to www.supplystreet.org/product-page/parking-software and there you can find the complete details of this.

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