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Nebulizers : Effective way of medication at home

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

An individual who has respiratory problems are advised to take nebulzers at home by the doctors.

Nebulizers are a most popular way to fight with such issues and help to treat them effectively. This medical device helps to reduce the inflammation of the lungs, keeping the airways clean and clear. This also helps to make breathing easier and decreases pain or irritation.

Working of nebulizers

As we all know, a nebulizer is a device used for the respiratory illness. It helps the patients by producing the fine spray of liquid medicine so that the patient can inhale it. This in other words it turn into an air mist which is quick and painless to handle and goes to the lungs of patient. Sterile Saline Solutions, Bronchodilators and even antibiotics are used medicines by nebulizers. This is the best to prevent bacteria and relive the patient from breathing problem.

There are two types of nebulizers, jet nebulizers are also known as atomizers or compression nebulizers and the ultrasonic nebulizers are also referred to as mesh nebulizers.

It is important to consult a doctor that which is ideal for your respiratory problem.

How to Buy the best nebulizers

Size: In reference to size there are two types of nebulizers ; pediatric and adult. Pediatric nebulizers provide medication quickly to the children and gives less anxiety to the children, whereas the other is given to the adults.

Design: There are two types of nebulizers according to the design i.e tabletop, and handheld. According to design some nebulizers have weighted compressors and others are extremely light weight that is to hold in your hands, so the decision depends on that whether you want to keep it at one place or carry it along with you.

Noise level:- Some nebulizers make a very little noise and some make a lot of noise. so while buying you need to check its noise level.

Speed:- While choosing the nebulizer speed should be taken in consideration. The patients who have serious respiratory issues than you need a nebulizer with the high speed.

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