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Most Common Tools used for Carpentry

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Carpentry is one of the most creative professions. Carpenters create valuable and long-lasting pieces that are used everywhere from homes to offices or even in small shops. It is also the profession of ever learning and growth. In doing so they require the help of a lot of different tools. Some of the tools are listed below:


Hammer is one of the most common tools used in carpentry. It is mostly used in construction. It is used to drive in nails for making objects stable. Most hammers these days have a claw on the other side of the head to ease the remove nails. It is heavy enough for driving and pulling nails. Hammers with wooden handles absorb the vibrations from the blow and reduce stress on hands and wrists.


A tape measure is a retractable measuring instrument widely used in carpentry. It consists of a scale with a hook on one end to latch onto an object for stable measurements. It is very small and pocket friendly and hence is easy to carry and does not take up a lot of space in your toolkit.


A spirit level is an instrument designed to indicate whether a surface is horizontally or vertically balanced. Thes levels are perfect for building furniture as it helps you keep your furniture articles level. They have also been incorporated in different articles such as tripod stands used in photography.


Investing in power tools instead of traditional tools can prove to be a lot faster in making your articles. Power tools get your job done way faster and easier. Some power tools you can invest in include jigsaw, sander, circular saw, routers. Invest in some good quality power tools as they will provide better longevity.


Power drills are one of the most used and most effective tools in carpentry. It is much faster in drilling holes as compared to other tools. These come in two varieties, with cords and cordless. A corded drill is more powerful and versatile than a cordless drill. Power drills have very tough plastic covering outside for damage resistance. It is used for two functions, for drilling holes and for inserting and removing screws.


A table saw is one of the core tools of carpentry. It is a huge tool and should be purchased as per the available space in your home or workshop. Due to its stability, it can deal with various sizes of wood with efficiency and accuracy.

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