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Important Factors to be considered while buying a PC

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

While buying an PC one should have complete knowledge about the things to be taken in consideration so that you wont regret buying. It is not only the RAM which is taken in consideration but many more components should be taken care of. The person who don't have any knowledge about what PC to buy end up buying which they will never think of buying if have complete knowledge for the same. There are several components which should be kept in mind while buying a PC.

5 Essential Components to take in Consideration

1. Hard Drive

A Hard drive is a hefty disk that stores all the data of the user safely and the storage of the hard disk is measured in bytes. The latest variant of the hard drive is at least 1 terabytes TB. but ordinarily a hard drive with few hundred gigabytes GB are used. A hard drive with 500 GB is enough for an individual's use.

2. Power supply

The power supply used in the PC is a mode power supply which switches the current on and off and helps the PC to stabilize the voltage. A power supply which is appropriate for your PC fastens the speed of your system but when the power supply is not appropriate for you your system would not be able to work perfectly.

3. RAM

Random Access memory is the short term memory of the system. As Accessing the hard drive is a slow process, so the RAM temporarily stores the data in its fast access volatile memory.

4. Processor

The Processor is known as the brain of system. The Processor all runs all the programs and functions with the millions of calculations. so processor is also one of the imporant component to be taken care of while buying the PC.

5, Graphic Cards

There are two types of Graphics - Integrated and Dedicated. Integrated Graphics are cheap and takes care of visual needs. if you want to play games than dedicated graphic cards are used. It needs a huge investment to buy these graphic cards.

So let us take a best buying decision.

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