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Services provided to anybody are always and in any form appreciated. Normal human tendency is to get maximum level of satisfaction, service, resource or assistance from there wants and needs. So, as much the service, demand or expectations of people are being accepted and fulfilled, that much strong bond will be there with them. Psychologically, the more one gets connected to them, the more satisfied and happy they are.

Providing or doing service for people is not a normal human tendency and nature but accepting it and making most of it is a very normal behaviour. Offering a service is a choice. Some offer it for their wants and others offer it out of any expectations i,e. service in kind.

There are many kind of services, like people do charity for a group of people for eg: Orphanages, Old age homes etc. At a level if we see money involved in any process or anything gradually becomes a business. But at an individual level the person is only doing it for kindness, help, to support. We can also say it an ‘Act of Kindness’. There are also many services which at a certain level become a job and one gets paid for it. So, for earning and living an individual or a group of people work for themselves and at the same time they provide service or work for other people.

So, at a daily basis, depending on the person service are provided and taken. Here, we will talk about Customer Service. It is the most important factor, feature or aspect of any business, whether it’s at small scale or large scale. Customer Service is one of the most important part of the business. The working of this unit gives the idea of the growth of the particular organization. The engagement of this department with people will affect the overall development of the organization. The importance of Customer Service may vary by product or service, industry and customer.

Every business has its Customer Service Team which is always in touch with their customers. There are separate Customer Care departments for huge companies where 24/7 enquiries are being solved by the Customer Care Employees. This team has its members who have a required set of skills of to deal with customers, according to their issues. Their communication and way of engagement to some extent leave a mark on the customer.

People nowadays can connect and relate any one thing to another. Even while having an enquiry being solved via telephonic or face-to-face i,e. the process or way of responding customer, the consumer will relate and connect the way with the working and quality of the company and the product respectively. People nowadays are very quick to judge and relate on the basis of anything.

So, this department should be very careful with their technique of engagement. Customer Service is the key for success of any business. It is the way to extract more and more customers and hence increasing their standard and value in the market. No business or any organization will ever compromise or ignore its Customer Service. This is because it is the only way to upraise. Now, have you ever thought that why is it important and to set up a particular Service team to get connected to people. Here are some really important points, one should go through before creating a team:

  • Company Brand Image and Value: There are many brands and companies already dealing with same essentials or items. How will people remember and stay in touch with you. Here, Customer Service should have the best technical and logistics support. People want their enquiries, issues to get resolved in a fraction of time. The best service and product you provide to them, the further they will refer you to the people. Hence, this team will further help and support you to represent your image and values. Team has the responsibility of representing you just through direct communication.

Customer Service Grows Customer lifetime value: It is also an important aspect. It represents the total revenue you can expect from a single customer. Growing this means that your customer is frequently spending money on your product or material. Companies should give the options of tasks after the survey or requirement on the feedback form and then complete the task. This will give customer a sense of power to choose what or which type of things they want .Customer Service team will help here by asking the suggestion from their customer on material or product they are dealing with. Hence, it will help company to grow gradually and get known among the crowd.

Maintain Relation with Customer team and Customer: Customer Service team is the only intermediate between company and customers. Communication is the most important tool for any relation. So, a company is not only dependent on customers but also on the team. They should always be appreciated and respected. This will motivate them to do their job with enthusiasm and will further motivate and encourage customer. It will create a positive atmosphere among each other.


The reason behind the best Customer Service is more about spreading the work or any particular idea of the business among the people which helps to earn as well as expansion of it than of, providing quality service. But at the same time it’s also important to maintain integrity, harmony, professionalism with people or customers. So, choose and built the best team to shine.

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