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Importance of Small Machines in Corporate

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

1. Docking Machine

It helps the users to access their mobile phones to their desktops. With this they can very easily access their mobile sessions to their desktop such as long conferences, video calls, without getting worried about the battery drainage of their mobile phones. This is very useful for the corporate employees as they have a number of video conferences and meetings taking place in a day.


  • MAC Address

  • Speed and Duplex Control

  • Priority and VLAN

  • Wi-Fi Auto Switch

2. Kiosk Machine

Kiosk machines in corporate are used for a number of purposes such as for the visitors registration, for the employees to update their details for HR purposes , in banks for the self withdrawal or depositors purpose, in Industries for reporting issues or project reports etc. kiosk information system, Meridian , Advanced Kiosks etc are some of the manufacturers of Kiosks Machines.


  • Information Display

  • Employee Self Service

  • Employee Grievance

  • Payslip viewing and printing

  • Employee assessment

3. Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners help to read the numbers or alphabets mentioned in the bar codes. It helps to capture and translate the data in the bar codes. It is connected and wired to the computers to read the data correctly and clearly. Advantech, Bluebird, CIPHERLAB, DENSO, Euro tech, Fujitsu etc. are the top brand manufacturers of bar code scanners.


  • Wireless Connections

  • Wired Connections

  • Screen

  • Portability and ideal environment

  • Barcode Reader

  • GPS

4. Paper Shredder

It is an office shredding machine which is a professional machine which shreds all the important documents of the office into particles. It is used to destroy the documents in the office, by shredding them into small particles or stripes. Fellowes, GBC, MBM, Martin Yale, Dahle are some of the top manufacturers of paper shredders.


  • Continuous duty motor

  • Speed

  • Security level

  • Large bin

  • Casters

  • Auto oilers

5. Mobiles

Mobiles in Corp orates are used as a small machine to stay connected with the clients , suppliers etc. Mobile phones are an essential tool for the corporate employees to stay updated regarding clients, suppliers by connecting with them through phone calls. Apple , Samsung , Oppo , Vivo are some of the top brand manufacturers for mobile phones.


  • Mobile conference calling

  • Automated attendant

  • Free voicemail

  • Hardware

  • Long battery life

  • Synchronized calendar

  • News and data updates

6. POS Machine

POS machines are used for several components such as Barcode scanner, epos software, Card machine, card drawer, cash printer, receipt printer etc. verifone systems, PAX global technology, SZZT electronics co, Ingenico group are some of the top manufacturers of the POS machines.


  • Billing and order processing

  • Sales monitoring and recording

  • Inventory and stock management

  • Cross channel returns management

  • Employee management

7. Note Counting Machine

If we talk about any kind of business whether it is banking sector, hospitals business or any other kind of business note counting or currency counting machine has become the top most essential machine for them. Godrej crusader life note counter, Ooze currency counting machine, STok ST-MC05 currency counting machine, are some of the top manufacturers of note counting machines.


  • Counting speed

  • Power consumption

  • Counting display range

  • Double note auto detect

  • Dust collector

  • LCD display

8. Power Bank

Power Banks are one of the most essential products required by the corporate employees as sometimes the batteries of their mobile phones die due to excessive use for the conference meeting or phone calls so they require power banks to charge their phones immediately for the further conference meetings etc. The top brand manufacturers of power banks are Anker Powercore 20100 power bank, MAXOAK 50,000 mAh power banks, RAV power Luster portable charger etc.


  • Portable charging

  • Attractive appearance

  • Multiple sockets

  • Compatible to all brands

  • Anti- scratch surface

9. Security Scanner

Security scanners are the machines used to scan the visitors visiting the offices. These machines used to detect the full body of the visitors for the purpose of security screening without removing clothes. Bettelle, Kromak group, Nuctech company ltd, open vision are some of the top manufacturers of the security scanning machines.


  • Asset discovery

  • Scanning capabilities

  • Action plans & vulnerability management

  • Policy compliance

10. UPS

An uninterruptible power supply is a device which helps the computers to work for a short period of time even after the power supply is off. It is useful for the corporate as it helps to save the data which can be lost due to loss of primary power supply. Toshiba UPS, Emerson UPS, Eaton UPS, XTREME power are some of the top brands of UPS.


  • Voltage stability

  • High voltage and low protection

  • Frequency stability

  • Monitoring power supply with intelligent UPS

  • Processing

  • Power supply protection

11. Billing Machine

Billing machines in corporate are used when they have to send invoice, or bills over the internet or manually. This machine is also known as electronic bill payment or electronic billing machines. EPSON, Everycom, Casio are some of the top brands manufacturing billing machines.


  • Aesthetically sleek design

  • Inbuilt long lasting battery

  • Billing printing with thermal technology

  • Stores upto 2000 items

  • 250 items in a single bill

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