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How Voice Commerce can help your Business

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Voice commerce has been gaining a lot of traction in recent times as the need for convenient shopping increases. Incorporating voice feature makes it more convenient for your customers to look for their desired products on your site. It reduces the consumer's reliance on hardware when shopping online.


Voice commerce makes use of voice recognition technology to reduce end-users’ dependence on hardware items like a mouse, keyboard, etc by allowing them to use voice commands to find and purchase products online. To access the voice commerce features the users must have a voice-powered device and a voice assistant.

Voice commerce is fairly simple to use and doesn't require a lot of effort. You only need a device that supports or recognises voice and in most cases, these devices are equipped with voice assistants already. Here is how voice commerce works:

Device with a voice assistant

The device could be your smartphone or other voice-activated devices for example Amazon echo.

Speak command to activate

To activate your device you will need a command. This command is different for different devices. For iOS users, it's "Hey Siri", for Android it's "Ok Google", for Amazon echo it's "Alexa"

Trigger word

This trigger word is usually a verb/action. For example, when you say "Ok Google, search for supply street", the trigger word, in this case, is search.



Voice commerce is extremely easy to use. You only need a voice-powered device equipped with a voice assistant. You only need to use the activate command and your task to make it do your tasks.


You can order your needs while working, cooking, painting or doing anything as voice commerce only needs your voice. You can search your products, add them to your cart with just a simple command.


With voice commands, you don't have to spend time typing, researching, and buying products. You can do this while doing your regular work which will save time for you.

Better Personalization

When using a feature becomes as easy as using voice commands you tend to interact more with your devices. Which makes it easier for the device to collect your search history, buying pattern, etc. As more data gets collected your personalization becomes more accurate in turn making your experience more convenient.

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