• Divya Dhomne

How to Maintain Your Garden with these Essential Tools

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Who doesn't love a beautiful home garden lush with fragrant herbs and beautiful flowers. However, it takes a lot of effort to maintain a garden like that and requires a lot of care and attention.

These days there are numerous tools and accessories available in the market to keep your garden fresh and beautiful. Due to this variety people often get confused about which tools to buy, so we have listed some tools for you to maintain your garden.


A wheelbarrow is a small hand-propelled vehicle, used to be pushed and guided by a single person. During gardening, it is used to collect all the waste by-products at once that can later be discarded. It can be useful if you are just starting out as it can store all your tools as well while gardening.


There are several options for watering, but a hose is the most useful. A hose is much handier and easier to use than a watering can. It does not need a lot just a connection to a water tap. According to your garden size, choose a hose that easily reaches your flower beds and vegetable gardens. It is very handy for spraying and gives extra reach. If you have a small garden space a can would be a better option for you.


While gardening you will often need to dig holes for planting saplings or removing weeds, that is when the need for shovel/spade comes in. For digging holes, both spade and shovel, are useful. However, a spade is more common. It gives straight and clean edges. It is also one of the most suitable options for planting and slicing through tough roots. Some people also choose shovel for digging and scooping soil.


A garden trowel is similar to a spade/shovel but it is much smaller and handier. It is used for digging smaller holes and flower pots where huge tools are not suitable. Make sure to choose an ergonomic garden trowel so it fits in your hand while working and doesn't cause any discomfort. You can choose a garden trowel made of stainless steel or timber.


Fork Hoe is best for cultivating and weeding. The tines of a forged hoe infiltrate firm soil to stir and aerate it. Fork hoe crumbles the soil faster, and with less effort than any other digging fork. It is suitable if you have a big garden space and gets the work done in lesser time.


For removing unwanted roots, weeding the entire garden, moving soil around, or digging trenches, garden secateurs are the best tool. A garden knife can also be used however it will require a little more effort. Secateurs are quicker and more effective in cutting through stems, roots, etc. When buying secateurs look for one that can cut through tough soil and difficult obstacles with ease.

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