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How to keep your commercial places sanitized and disinfected ?

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Today we are facing a big challenge to keep our commercial places fully sanitized and disinfected. Commercial places like offices, factories etc are highly prone to these types of contagious diseases. Hundreds of employees might be working in your premises. You never know what kinds of germs they are carrying with them. Moreover It is not possible either to track everyone because these infections and viruses are intangible in nature. The common surfaces and most-touchable areas like escalators, elevators, stairs , chairs, tables, counters, switches, steps, railings, doors, and windows are some of the places where the germs are present in high ratio.

Following steps are to be followed to keep your premises infection free….

Step- 1 Vacuum Cleaning and Dusting

Floor, carpets, sofas, and remote corners in your offices, reception area , office rest rooms etc are to be vacuumed and dusted as much as possible. In addition to this , a powerful vacuum cleaner is required and for the dusting industry proven dusting material is required. If these things are not considered then the chances of infection in your premises will increase.

Step-2 Deep cleaning with the soap water

After the proper dusting, Now it's time to clean your premises with the soap water.Floor of any commercial place is the most infected part as shoes carry the maximum germs from the roads. However, the wooden floors are to be cleaned in a proper manner without diminishing the quality of your floor . The soap water you are selecting should not be very harsh. Hence , the decision is to be taken accordingly.

Step -3 Sanitization

The Third step is the sanitization of the office premises. This step is very crucial in this process. Normal cleaning what we do every day is not enough. Sanitization is the process which ensures 99.99 % germ free protection.

Step - 4 Disinfection

The final step in this process is the Disinfection. Alone Sanitization is not sufficient. Under this stage , some chemicals are used to increase the effect of the sanitization. However these chemicals should be chosen with utmost care keeping in mind your office floors and appliances.

Do you think it is a complex and boring process ?

Let’s solve this issue with the help of professional sanitization services from Supplystreet. We are having tie ups with experienced professionals for this and these Experts are habitual with the usage of all modern tools and equipments of sanitization. Please refer to the link www.supplystreet.org

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