• Divya Dhomne

How to Grow your Business with E-Procurement ?

Digitisation has relaxed the way of doing business. It has made work faster, smoother and more efficient. It has brought transparency in business, reduced costs and increased the quality and standards of operation. One of the areas where digitisation has made a big impact is e-procurement. E-procurement, also called Electronic Procurement is a process where businesses use technology and online applications to digitise the procurement and supply chain processes.

How e-procurement will help your e-commerce business.

Cost reduction

E-procurement saves money by preventing duplicate spending, leveraging volume buying, and saving costs associated with paper-based systems.

Eliminates Paperwork

E-procurement makes sure that your receipts are saved and stored electronically. It eliminates the need for paperwork which makes the process of finding older tenders simpler.

Transparent Spending

E-procurement makes it easier to write and analyze reports on your systems, ensuring that your procurement procedures conform to your policies.

Increase Productivity

E-procurement is less time-consuming than traditional procurement. Electronic records make it easier to submit reusable tenders.

Faster transactions

E-procurement is a time-saving process. The electronic handling system eases the purchasing process and speeds up transactions. It keeps suppliers content and the procurement cycle gets a boost. The e-procurement process eliminates unnecessary activities, allowing you to focus on more valuable tasks.

Reduced errors

Electronic paperwork is streamlined and thus easier to check for errors. Past orders are more easily accessible, making it easier to compare orders to ensure new ones are correct.

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