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Guide to Buying best stationary

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Make your workplace more productive and decorative with these office essentials

Getting the best office stationery is very important to create a perfect set up that suits your office requirements. The best and the worst thing about choosing your office stationary is that there are so many options to select from. The most important factor while taking a decision about the office stationary is its functionality and relevance in day to day working. For example stationary needs in the office of a Chartered Accountant are different from the needs in the office of a business mam. Moreover the stationary needs of the two departments working within the same organisation are also different.

How to choose the best office stationery ?

Factors which are to be taken in consideration while choosing the office stationary are its importance , affordability , availability, functionality, usability, allurance, snobocity, etc. All these factors are equally important while taking the decision . Hence the person has to decide his / her own priorities as when it comes to take that decision. Here you‘ll find some of the essentials ….

01- Address label and Flipchart pad

No doubt in today’s world no office can survive without having a computer for data storing and presentation because computers are having a lot of technical capabilities which are not present in human beings. But still address labels and flipcharts are considered as the one of the best presentation tools because they do not consume electricity and provide a lot of size options. Hence they are both cost effective and convenient and in order to manage the flipcharts , a flipchart pad is required.

2- Bookend

Books are considered as the simulator of reality. It does not matter whether they are your books of accounts or any other book. Hence it is important to manage the books and for that very purpose bookends are used. Without bookends no organisation can manage their books in a proper manner.

03- Doc Separator and Laminating sheets

Doc separator and laminating sheets are the essential parts of the document management system in the organisation. Doc separators and laminating sheets help to reduce the storage space , enhance the security of documents, easier retrieval, etc.

04- Boards

No office is complete without having a board for organising and displaying the valuable information related to the tasks and activities in the office . These boards are large in size hence providing a large space for the charts and important documents.These boards are made up of recyclable material at the back and high quality fabric in front. Moreover these boards are available in a range of colours and sizes depending upon your office needs and requirements.

05- Calculator and Scale

There’s no denying that the Calculator and scale are traditional tools of measurement, but in an age when most of our work is done on a desktop, laptop or tablet, occasional handwritten notes are more important than ever. Calculators are the affordable options as they are having two power sources - both battery and solar powered. Scales are available in variety of options ranging from small scales to big scales

06- Desk organizer and File separator

The eco-friendly desk organizers with a range of designs, and you can pick your own to suit your decor. There are a range of sizes and colours available to choose from, so chances are there'll be an option to suit you. This is a smart way to keep your stationery neat and ensure a file will always be to find when you need one.

07- ID and visiting card holder

ID and Visiting card holders are handy for the creative professionals . These card holders are available in different shapes and sizes. These cards are manufactured in the surveillance of deft professionals using fine grade basic material along with pioneered techniques of production.

08- Files and Display Books

In day to day activities it is very difficult to arrange the loose papers which further results in the damage of some important documents. We recommend these files and display books to arrange the loose papers and these books are very durable , tear resistance and timely durable.

09-Stapler and Punching Machine

In today’s business it is very difficult to collect every loose paper and to solve this we are recommending stapler and punching machines . These staplers and Punching machines are available in different colours and sizes. These staplers and punching machines are light in weight and corrosion resistant.

10- Notebook and Registers

No office is complete without a notebook or register for jotting down new and creative ideas or scribbling notes as you speak to your team-mates, editor or client or to any other person. For quality and versatility, try these notebooks and register as they are made of fine paper quality and are available in a wide range of sizes and designs depending upon your office needs and requirements.

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