• Divya Dhomne

Guide to a Spick-n-Span House

Do you get lethargic at the thought of cleaning your house? Are you always procrastinating about the deep cleaning? Now is the perfect time to engage in some deep-cleaning action. It's a great way to keep your mind busy and you get something productive out of it- a spick and span house. All you need is a good ol' vacuum cleaner and a few other day-to-day cleaning equipment for a spotless house. Let's get started

Separate Footwear in the House

First advice to a clean house would be to not use outside footwear inside the house. Keep separate footwear to be worn inside the house to prevent outside dust and dirt from spoiling your floors & carpets. Keep a shoe rack right next to your door to ensure you don't walk into the house with dirty shoes.

Clean a Little Everyday

You don't need to clean the entire house in one go. Clean a little portion of the house one day. Do another section the next day. Make sure to keep dusting in between so as to not let any dirt accumulate over time. Cleaning a little portion every day also results in a consistently cleaner house.

Top to Bottom

Start cleaning from the top parts of your house towards the bottom. Doing this will ensure that all the dust from the top parts of the house falls down on the ground which can later be swept off.

Clean by Portions

Divide your house into different sections and mark which section you want to clean on which day. Clean one section of the house and then move on to the next one. It is easier to go by sections as you can be sure of which part of the house has been cleaned.

Vacuum the Floors

Vacuum cleaner is a great tool for cleaning floors, whether they are carpeted or wooden. The vacuum cleaner sucks all the dirt and dust from the floor into it giving you a clean floor. Make sure to keep this your last step so you can suck every bit of dust off the ground.

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