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Go Cashless with Card Swipe Machine

With cashless transactions on the rise, people prefer to carry cards instead of cash. It’s easy, hassle-free and prevents the risk of your money being stolen. Cards are everywhere; credit or debit. Every individual carries at least one card at all times.

Card Swipe Machine

A card swipe machine is an electronic device that interacts with credit or debit cards to transfer funds from the cardholder’s account to the merchant’s account. To make successful transactions via cards, you need a card swipe machine. Most card swipe machines print receipts for the user as well as the store owner. You can also get the details about your transactions via a teat message if you choose to subscribe to text notifications in your bank. Card swipe machines help tremendously in operating retail stores, restaurants, showrooms, etc.

How Does it Work

Using a card swipe machine is rather easy. You swipe the card in the machine and in less than 30 seconds money gets deducted from the customer’s account and deposited to the retailer’s account. 

  1. The card is swiped in the machine when making a purchase at the store.

  2. The reader in the machine reads the magnetic stripe on one side of the card.

  3. Data is sent from the card through the electronic information system.

  4. A network connection is established to verify all the details of the debit or credit card provided.

  5. The information in the card is sent to a system to process the information regarding the transaction. This confirms if the card is active and if the account has enough money for the transaction.

  6. Cardholders are asked to put their personal identification numbers this is done to verify if the card is stolen or original. 

  7. After the verification is done the transaction is approved.

  8. Depending on what type of card is used the payment is deducted from the owner's account. If you're using a debit card there is an instant deduction in your account. Whereas for credit card holders you have to pay after 30 days of the purchase.

Card swiping machines can make transactions easier than ever. Cashless culture and the ability to move freely without carrying hard cash have given rise to the modern-day card swipe machines. Card swipe machine price depends on the number of features one requires. 

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