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Foot Operated Sanitizer Stand : An Effective Tool For Sanitization

Precaution is always better than cure

The COVOD-19 pandemic’s emergence has reached another level. The recent times have been tough for all of us, with the entire world struggling in the battle with an enemy which is intangible in nature. Since we cannot see our enemy it's better to defend your self.There is no known cure for Covid-19 at the moment but researchers are working round the clock to develop a cure or a vaccine. Though a vaccine is still out of reach, there are a few basic hygiene steps that we can all follow to keep the coronavirus at bay like sanitization, disinfection, decontamination and isolation

Hand Sanitizers vs Soaps and Hand washes

Hand santizers are playing a very crucial role and have proven to be one of the better solutions helping us in the fight against the coronavirus. Hand sanitizers kill the virus and bacteria present in our hands Although soaps and hand washes can be used but it is difficult to find a source of water and clean washing area all the time. On the other hand, Hand sanitizers are portable and convenient tools and do not require any water source also.

Minimize the Touch Points

Hand sanitizer is an effective tool but still there are some drawbacks . On one side you cannot share your hand sanitizer with anybody around you and on the other side it is your moral responsibility to help others in sanitizing their hands if they are not having their hand sanitizer and you are not allowed to come in a close contact with someone else ad in order to maintain the social distancing , you will have to share your hand sanitizer. But this will give birth to a new problem in the form of increasing the touch points which will further increase the chances of infection. To avoid such a problem you should purchase a Foot Operated Sanitizer Stand.

Foot Operated Sanitizer Stand

Foot operated sanitizer tool is used to control the spread of coronavirus from an infected person to others while using the same sanitizer bottle. With this device, the sanitizer could be used without touching the bottle with your hands. This tool comes in 2 styles, the first one is the Free Standing style and the other one is Wall Mounted style but the purpose of both the designs is the same. Moreover , this tool can be adjusted to any height as per your needs and requirements. This tool comes in a wide range of options as far as its material is concerned like stainless steel, Rigid mild steel and many more.

How to operate it ?

The following procedure is followed to use the foot operated sanitizer tool

1- Place the sanitizer bottle in the holder and strap it with the Velcro strips.

2- Adjust height of the dispenser head according to the bottle size.

3- Hold your palm below the nozzle of the dispenser

4- Press the foot pedal to dispense the sanitizer.

At a single press 2 to 3 drops of the sanitizer liquid is poured on to your palm. Your hands are sanitized without touching the dispenser.

Where can it be installed ?

This can be installed at the entrance of the building, industries, institutes, restaurants, shopping malls, IT parks, Theaters,banks, hotels, sports complexes and many more.

Now you are not required to move outside for this tool . You can purchase this tool online by staying at your home at wholesale price from www.supplystreet.org .Here you can find a wide range of foot operated sanitizer stands . Please refer to the link for more details www.supplystreet.org/product-page/dispenser

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