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Factors to consider while buying COVID essentials

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

What do you actually need ?

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has the whole world in its grip, forcing an unprecedented number of people to stay in their homes. For the first time in decades a global pandemic has forced humanity to do so. Starting from China’s Wuhan in 2019, this deadly virus has now spread to hundreds of countries. The lockdown and social distancing measures, however, have brought out the worst fears of the people of ‘panic buying’ and ‘hoarding’ of essential items, visible across the world with buyers hustling to grab the last piece of hand sanitizer, mask or any other essential item.Some of the factors to consider while buying the covid essentials are -

Points to take care while buying COVID essentials

01-Choose a mask of high Quality fibre-

Masks are considered as the one of the best COVID essentials. Cloth face coverings can not replace other methods of protection from this virus. They may help protect others from you, if you happen to carry the disease and not realize it. There's a severe nationwide shortage of N95 and other professional masks. But still we are providing a range of masks in terms of size, colour , shapes, etc and all these are of high quality fibre. Please refer the link below www.supplystreet.org/product-page/n-95-mask

02-Purchase the hand sanitizer which contains more than 70% alcohol contents

Hand sanitizers play a very important role in protecting us from corona virus by cleaning our hands . But here one thing should have to be considered is the percentage content of alcohol in hand sanitizer . If it is 70 % or more than it , then it can be used as protection otherwise it is having no use. We are providing a wide range of sanitizers of different qualities and quantities.Please refer the link below for buying the best quality sanitizers. www.supplystreet.org/product-page/sanitizer

03- Purchase the face shield according to the size of face -

Alone masks cannot save us from coronavirus . We need to protect our whole face and for that very purpose we need to buy the face shield according to size and shape of the face. Moreover the face shields should be of fine material and should have the qualities like anti fog , anti scratch, easy to wear , reusable etc . please refer the link below to purchase the quality face shields at wholesale price www.supplystreet.org/product-page/sanitizer

03- Buy the gloves which are of superior quality

The gloves should be disposable in nature . It should have the capacity to adjust according to the size and shape of your hand. The gloves you choose should be skin friendly otherwise the chances of skin problems are more. We are providing a range of gloves please refer the link below for further details https://www.supplystreet.org/product-page/gloves

04- Foot operated sanitizer tools are to be used in the office.

When it comes to the sanitization of your hands without having any physical contact of our hands , the only thing which strikes to our mind is the Foot operated sanitizer tool . This tool is very affordable and easy to use to use as well . Refer the link below to purchase the best quality foot operated sanitizer tool at cheap price www.supplystreet.org/product-page/dispenser

05-Infrared thermometer should be bought in place of old and traditional thermometers

To avoid any physical contact with the infected person , infrared thermometers are highly recommended as these thermometers just scan your body to give the temperature level within a matter of seconds that is why they are also called as non contact infrared thermometers. These thermometers are available in different colour options as well . www.supplystreet.org/product-page/thermometer

06- Proper PPE kits of fine material should be there.

PPE Kits stands for Personal protective equipment kits. If you are dealing with the number of persons at the same point of time , then these kits are highly recommended. The material of these kits should be skin friendly as well. Please refer the link below for further details about PPE kits www.supplystreet.org/product-page/ppe-kit

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