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Types Of Scanners And Its Pros

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

A scanner is one of the most important machine or a device used to scan the documents, not only it scan the documents but also converts them into a digital form. It is used at every place whether at small business, homes offices.

In today,s time most of the people have these in built in the printers present at their homes, but they do not have any idea about how to use them. so it is important for everyone to have proper knowledge about its usage to get proper utilization from it.

There are different-different types of scanners present in the market, every one has its own features and usage. Deciding which scanner you require completely depends upon the need you have, or for which purpose you need the scanners.


  • Flatbed scanners:- Theses re usually those scanners which are seen at homes and offices. These scanners can examine any kind of paper whether its thick or thin. You just need to put the paper in it and just have to press the right button and the scanning will automatically begins.

  • Photo Scanners:- These scanners are designed with picture processors, which examine the pictures complete and creates the best photographs.

  • Sheet feed scanners:- These scanners are same as flatbed scanners but they do not feed the image same as the flatbed scanners. These scanners are not made for the books but can only scan the single page.

  • Portable scanners:- Portable scanners are designed specially for both text and other data in a single go. these store the data in itself ones the data is scanned. These get the power from batteries to work.

Things To keep In Mind While Selecting Scanner

  • Format:- Here Format means selecting the scanner you should keep in mind what size you want to scan, and than decide which scanner fulfill your requirements.

  • Compatibility:- Before selecting a scanner you should keep in mind that the scanner need to be compatible to your system and software.

  • Speed:- Speed of the scanner means that how many pages it can scan per moment which is known as pages per moment. so while selecting a scanner keep in mind the maximum number of pages per moment.

  • Duty Cycle:- This means the number of pages a scanner can handle per day. select the one which has maximum number of duty cycles which will increase the number of pages scanned per day.


There are number of advantages of using a scanner whether at home or offices. Advantages of scanners are:-

  • You can reduce the paper dependency as by scanning the document you can make many photocopies from it.

  • It streamlines the process as well as working of the office.

  • After scanning a document you can have access to it whenever and wherever you need.

  • It converts documents into digital form which keeps them safe.

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