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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Ware house is plain huge hall, room, building where all the goods, materials and important essentials of a companies and factories is stored. They usually have loading docks to load and unload goods from trucks, cranes etc. They are usually on the outskirts of cities, towns. Warehouses are also sometimes near the airports, seaports, railway stations. These are warehouses which are used for mass trade import and export of goods. It is basically a huge or giant room which is used to store bulk amount of goods and materials. The use of warehouse increased in the society because of mass requirement and storage of the materials. Specialisation of the task is the characteristic of the Factory System, which developed in British textile mills in the mid-late 1700s.

Warehouse setup is more than just a design on piece of paper. One needs to purchase warehouse equipments and tools to facilitate the flow of goods. All the warehouse operations must drive the efficient flow of materials in, through, and out of the warehouse. They are the important part of any business. So, it should be very carefully planned and the things should be implemented. The effective warehouse needs some important points or goals to work on –

Infrastructure: Depending upon the type of business, the infrastructure of warehouse varies. It should be planned according to the goods and materials that the company is dealing in. Regardless of the product, every warehouse move things, stores them and sends them out. Proper way of in and out should be made.

Storage Equipments: It’s the most important and complicated part of warehouse. Warehouse should be designed in a way where every type of material, should get its permanent place. So, shelves, racks, cupboards, drawers, bins should be built and available in the warehouse. Enough space should be provided for each material. Make sure racks, shelves etc should accommodate each material weight. Also, weighing machines should be kept which also varies from material to material.

  • Identification of Product: Each product should have proper identification coding and marking, part no. should be given to the product for easy identification and processing of the product. This helps to find the material easily and quickly, therefore, saves time.

  • Proper layout of loading: There should be always a ready layout of the loading of the material. So, that there is no issue or risk of damage i,e. scratch marks or any internal damage to the product.

  • Use of ERP Software: Enterprise resource planning (ERP), it is the business management software. It is often used in real time and mediated by software and technology. It is used in businesses to get the updated status of the product. It saves a lot of time and man power of the organizations. Therefore, saves the lot of money for other important uses. Earlier and still many small businesses use stock registers for inventories. But it takes lot of focus, man power and time.

  • Transport Equipments: Warehouses are of different types according to product or material. There are manufacturing industries that need transport facility in their warehouse. So, this can also be an essential for a proper warehouse. They need trucks, hydra cranes, motorise cranes for loading and unloading of goods. All this also depends on the budget of the business.

  • Safety: There should be proper safety measures for labour Proper uniform, instructions and guidelines for them. Fire fighting and medical facility should be the priority. Training should be given to labour before any dispatch or import of goods. Doing work under right procedure, proper planning and right equipment will help in less workplace injuries and damage to the product. Security guards should be assigned for the guarding of the essentials in the warehouse.

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