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E - Gift Cards : Your Online Gifting Solution

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Let's make your employees feel like a champion

E-card stands for electric card. E - cards a digital version of a greetings card, typically accessed by the recipient via a hyperlink sent through Email or through other means. Corporate Gifts have always played an important role in employee motivation. The custom of gifting to your near ones is infused in the Indian culture and tradition. Though Indians are particular about issues like size of the gift, packaging and are always careful enough to remove the price tags so the receiver should not get the information regarding the price of the gift, however several factors have now emerged that are bound to motivate them to use e-gift cards and gift cards.

Hassle of searching the perfect gift

Choosing a gift for someone is a very convoluted and intricate task, as a lot of careful thoughts are required to put into ensuring that you ultimately give them something that they appreciate. These thoughts have led to many buyers opting to purchase a E gift card as it minimises the hassle of searching for the perfect gift, and also leaves the choice of gift up to the receiver.

E - Gift cards are Environment Friendly

Since the E - gift cards are sent from one person to another through electronic means , No gift packaging is involved. In addition to this unlike the physical gift card no paperwork is there. All these qualities make E- Gifts cards an environment friendly. If your employees are very crucial about the environment or are environmentalist, then E--gift cards are your perfect choice.

Types of E- Gift cards

1. Merchant Gift Card

These types of cards are closed loop cards. These cards can be redeemed across all the products. The variant that popularized gift cards as a viable alternative to traditional prepaid instruments such as gift vouchers.

2. Multi-merchant Gift Card

It is a semi-closed variant of the merchant gift card. It can be redeemed across all categories and products of two or more merchants. But these can be purchased from authorized and licenced firms only.

3. Category-based Gift Card

Just like the other two cards this card is having the same function, but this one is only redeemable across a pre-selected set of product categories.

4. Product-based Gift Card

These gift cards are slightly different. It addresses specific products that your employee can purchase of a particular brand.

5.URL-based E-gift Card

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It is a simple E-card which contains the amount in the form of a URL link and your employees can use it anywhere.

Always remember one thing , Your gift would always say something to your employees. A cake or a chocolate would say you lack imagination. A pen-stand or a Bluetooth speaker say you are boring. Now, why depend on the same and boring gifts when you can make every gift interesting with us ? E-Gift cards make this possible by letting each employee choose the gift they’ve been desiring for. A gift card is for sure to make all the peaceful workforce . Please refer to the link for more details www.supplystreet.org/product-page/e-gift

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