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COVID-19 Safety Kit

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

CoronaVirus has been affecting the world massively ever since its origin in China. People are in lockdown inside their homes, however, the cases of COVID-19 keep increasing by the day. The air-borne disease requires one to cover-up their entire body as the primary precaution. However, purchasing safety products separately can be time-consuming.

That's why we present COVID-19 safety kits, that allow you to create a shield around you when you are in public places such as hospitals, grocery stores, markets, etc. 

Components of the COVID-19 Safety Kit


Coronavirus particle size is physically very very small and is an airborne virus. Therefore, using one or two-ply masks can prevent coronavirus from entering your respiratory tract. Hence, COVID-19 safety kit must include three-ply masks that protect the wearer from any risk of infection. A Three-ply mask must be disposed of in 3-4 hours after use. It should not be reused or washed. The outer layer of the mask can contain coronavirus therefore, you must wash your hands after disposing of the mask. 


Sanitiser is essential to protect your body against COVID-19. An alcohol-based sanitiser is highly effective in killing the microorganisms on your hands thereby, protecting you against any possibility of contamination through touch in public.

Latex Gloves

Latex Gloves are proving useful to everyone through these challenging times. Whether going to the grocery store or hospital, latex gloves must be work for prevention. These gloves protect you against the CoronaVirus even if you had come in contact with a person or two.

Latex Gloves are only one-time use and mustn't be worn for more than 3-5 hours. They should be disposed of very carefully to protect others from the disease as well. 

Digital Thermometer

Digital Thermometers are really significant in this severe time. Digital Thermometers read the body temperature to identify abnormal temperatures. A body temperature of 98.6 degrees F is normal. However, a body temperature between 100.4 degrees F to 102 degrees F, means the body is abnormally hot, indicating fever. These thermometers, unlike infrared thermometers, must not be shared during crises like this.

There are three ways to use a Digital thermometer to read body temperature. In adults, it is inserted in the mouth. In babies, the insertion is rectal. If neither can be followed auxiliary insertion is used i.e. putting it in the armpit.


PPE is one of the most vital COVID-19 safety products if you visit a contagious area such as a hospital. A PPE Kit includes latex gloves, surgical coveralls, three-ply masks, safety goggles, and many other items along with a disposable bag for hygienic disposal of the used PPE.

COVID-19 Safety Kit is highly essential for use for those working in an infection-prone environment and also for people who might have gotten exposed to the virus. It does not simply protect you but your loved ones as well.

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