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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Viruses are everyone, some unfortunately we can't see and some not. We all have always tried to defeat and get rid of it in a best possible way. But this time, Virus has taken it's most dangerous and devastating version out. It is the "COVID-19" Or Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Prevention tips:

  • Crowd places: Avoid going in crowds, where many people gathered together. Experts say the canceling of events that draw large crowds is an important step in combating the further spread of the novel coronavirus.

  • Social Distancing: Follow Social Distancing. Transmission can also occur through contact with contaminated surfaces. Maintain distance from people who are coughing or sneezing.

  • Meditation and yoga: With our physical health, we should also take care of our mental health. This time is really difficult for everyone. So, yoga and meditation or spending some time yourself and loved ones will make will support and enhance your mental health.

  • Eat and drink healthy : Coronavirus is directly attacking our immune system. So, we have to take care our diet and what we eat and drink. Warm or ginger-garlic water is also very effective. So, eat something which improves your immune system.

Sanitization Tips:

With prevention from Coronavirus, we need to also see how to keep our surroundings clean and clear.

  • Surface cleaning: Cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces in your home regularly is an important precaution to lower the risk of infection. If a surface is dirty, first clean it with soap or detergent and water.

  • Washing Clothes: After coming back from outside, don't take risk of just sitting and roaming around. Take bath and wash your clothes simultaneously and daily.

  • Preparing food:The greater risk comes from being in close contact with other people while outside food shopping or receiving a food delivery. Remove any unnecessary packaging and dispose into a waste bin with a lid. Wash vegetables, fruits or any other food item and keep it outside from almost 8 hours.

  • Workplace: Make sure that your workplace is being sanitized properly. Strict instructions are there and employees should follow it. Try not to share food and routinely clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces. Stay home if sick and encourage colleagues to do the same.

  • Travel: Now, after lockdown, government have allowed people to travel through trains and airplanes. It's too dangerous, but at the same time it's important for some people to reach at some place. At the airport, wash your hands after going through security and after getting off the plane.

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