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Checklist for every Industrialist

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Know your industry in better way

In every industry raw materials are converted into finished goods so that they can be sold in the market and this process of conversion is called manufacturing. Manufacturing is directly related to both industrial design and engineering work, as well as with the production of both simple and complex products. The manufacturing process involves casting, moulding, forming, machining, joining etc. Apart from these traditional manufacturing techniques, there is also Additive Manufacturing including 3D printing, direct digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping. However all these techniques depend upon the size of the business and nature of product you are manufacturing.

As manufacturing is a very complex task .Leading an industry is complex work. It’s not a matter of walking into the office, churning out a few ideas and considering yourself done for the day. No, the reality is that you’re going to be doing a little bit of everything -- especially in the earliest stages of your business’s development. The industrialist have to check the following

01- Application of Modern Industrial tools and equipments

Industrial tools play an important role in the production of goods and services. Without proper tools and equipments no production can take place . If you are using the traditional or conventional tools of production then your level of production may not fall but the level of productivity will definitely fall. Hence is the responsibility of the industrialist to keep a check on the tools and equipments. Here you can find the modern industrial tools and equipments www.supplystreet.org/industrial-machines

02- Adequate availability of office stationery

No office work is possible without having an adequate level of office stationery and no industry can perform well in such a cut throat competition without performing the office work. Office stationery includes pen . loose papers, files, drawing sheet holder, folders, calculator , scale, notice boards, desk organiser and many more. Here you can find some office stationery at reasonable prices https://www.supplystreet.org/stationary-and-housekeeping-for-off

03-Neat and clean premises

Neat and clean premises are very essential as the level of motivation and satisfaction of the employees is dependent upon the cleanliness of the business premises. If your employees are not well motivated and fully satisfied then they would not be able to give their 100% while working in the company . Hence it is the responsibility of every industrialist to take care of the cleanliness of the premises. Refer to the link for professional house keeping services. www.supplystreet.org/stationary-and-housekeeping-for-off

04-Furnished office

The office interiors should be well furnished. It does not matter at what level you are operating your business or what type of product you are dealing with , having a furnished office is the pre requirement for any type of production. If your office interiors are not fully furnished , then it will become a de-motivational factor for the employees working in your office . Hence it is the responsibility of every industrialist to have a well furnished office.

Please refer to the link for best office furniture https://www.supplystreet.org/furniture-and-interiors-for-corpora

05-Proper planning about future

It is the responsibility of every industrialist that he \ she should be proactive in the business environment. Business environment is uncertain in nature and chances of losses are very high. Therefore it is the prime responsibility of every industrialist that he \ she should always look for the opportunities and threats in the near future.

06-Inventory Management

Inventory management refers to the continuous process for tracking level of inventory, orders, sales and deliveries of goods in the industry. Industrialists have to decide the optimal level of inventory so that inventory should not be stocked for a longer period of time and there will be no shortage as well. Hence the industrialist should keep an eye on it. Here you can find the best inventory management softwares https://www.supplystreet.org/product-page/inventory-management

07- Security of employees and workers

Employees are considered as the asset for the company. No production can take place without the help of your workers and employees. Safety of the human assets are must to avoid any type of physical or mental injury to their health. Hence it is the responsibility of the every industrialist that he / she should check whether the production is going on with proper adherence to prescribed safety standards.https://www.supplystreet.org/

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