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Before buying Solar Inverters, here’s what you need to know

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

A solar inverter or PV inverter is an electrical device that converts the variable direct current output of a photovoltaic solar panel into a utility frequency alternating current. This current is then fed into a commercial electrical grid or used by a local, off-grid electrical network. These inverters are usually set up in places where they can receive maximum and constant sun exposure so they get the maximum amount of photovoltaic current.

A solar inverter has four components—solar panel, charge controller, battery and inverter. The inverter is required to produce alternating current from the photovoltaic input from the solar panels. This current is then stored in large-sized capacitors that help improve the inverter output.

What to Know Before Buying Solar Inverter 


Before you go out to buy a solar inverter, you need to know the related terminology so that you can select the right inverter. Watts, watt-hours, amps, amp-hours and efficiency of operation of the solar inverter are a few terms that you might hear when buying an inverter, therefore it is a must to know the meaning of these words to make the best buying decision

Correct Battery

The durability of your solar inverter is highly dependent on its battery, hence, it is imperative to choose the correct battery. Battery capacity is the maximum number of hours that a battery can power all the devices. A higher-quality battery will provide better capacity which means it will keep your devices running for a longer time.

Safety certification

Just like any other electronic device you need to make sure that the solar inverter you buy is safe and up to safety standards. Make sure that the inverter you buy has been certified safe to use by a testing laboratory. Do not buy an uncertified electrical device as it may prove to be hazardous.

Surge Rating

The surge rating of a solar inverter is the number of watts of overload handled by the inverter over a short period. This varies from the inverter to inverter, it may even be different for two different inverters under the same brand. 


  • Solar energy decreases the greenhouse effect and abnormal weather change.

  • Solar product usage reduces electricity bills.

  • The solar inverter provides a reliable source of energy.

  • These inverters reduce energy needs & requirements.

  • These are multi functional devices.

  • Easy to set up & more reasonable compared to generators.

  • Maintenance is easy.

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