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All about the E-Pass and How you can Get it

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

As we continue fighting one of the biggest pandemics of all time by staying inside our houses, there are some important tasks that simply cannot be delayed or neglected. Although there has been some relief in the lockdown rules, it is still unsafe to leave the house.

There are some essential items that are in high demand across the country and need to be transported. The government has permitted the movement of such articles however you need to have an e-pass for that. An e-Pass is an indicator that you have permission to step outside and travel due to the nature of your work. 

What is an E-Pass?

Since it is still unsafe for people to step out of their houses, the government has introduced e-passes to ease the transport of essential commodities across the country. An e-pass is a permit that allows you to commute to your destination under acceptable conditions.

Since Covid cases are still increasing nationwide, these e-passes are only issued under extremely necessary and/or non-negligible conditions.

How to Apply for an E-Pass?

It is very easy and convenient to apply for an e-pass. You just need to visit the government's official site for the issue of e-pass and fill up the application. You can visit their website https://serviceonline.gov.in/epass/.

  • When you go to the site you will need to choose your state from the drop-down menu.

  • Then you will have to fill up the application and provide them with the scanned copy of the required documents. The documents include:

1. ID proof 

2. Address proof

3. Application letter stating the purpose of an e-pass

4. Proofs for your purpose in specific cases.

  • Once you have filled out your application, it will be sent for approval to the authorities

  • You will be sent an SMS if your application has been approved

  • There will be a link in the SMS from where you can download your e-pass.

Whenever you leave your house you must make sure that you carry your e-pass all the time. It is necessary to keep your pass with you as authorities will be stopping you on your commute to make sure you are legally allowed to be out. This is being done son that there are minimal people who get exposed to the outside contaminated world. This will further help in flattening the curve and fight this deadly virus.

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